Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Face Oil That Transformed My Skin | Must Have Product

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be talking about a skincare product that has been a game changer for me lately. It's the Calming Oil by Olìe Biologique.

Calming Oil is formulated to soothe reactive, sensitive skin, relieve inflammation and help fight free radicals.

Lately my skin has been more sensitive, reactive, and dry. Probably partly because of the winter weather. 

I actually tried the calming oil last year (just a sample) when my skin was more oily, and still loved it- just never bought it because it is pricy! But definitely worth the money.

I recently bought it because I tried a sample again and saw the difference it made in my skin. It cleared up redness, acne, and made my skin very soft. It helps when my skin is dry to moisturize or when it's oily to balance the oil. A huge mistake people with oily skin make is over cleansing and not moisturizing enough. Oil will actually help combat oily skin. Especially calming oil, because it is formulated to balance the skin.

Described by Olìe:
"Keep your skin calm so you can carry on with our Soothsayer. This calming face oil is a must for stressed out skin moments or for use everyday to protect skin and heal woes from redness to rosacea. Lavender and Chamomile blend harmoniously to calm, tone and balance your skin. A complementary combination of organic Marula and Camellia oil add anti-aging goodness. And the soothing subtle scent will make you go, “Ohm…” "

Best for: "Normal to sensitive skin types craving a touch of TLC" (according to Olìe Biologique.. And I agree!)

  • Reduces redness, calms sensitivities and soothes inflammation
  • Shields skin from environmental exposures (and relieves sunburn!)
  • Improves acne, rosacea, eczema and scarring
  • Fills fine lines and wrinkles with naturally occurring collagen
  • Slows the signs of aging by neutralizing free radicals

When do I use it?
I apply calming oil morning and night on cleansed skin before moisturizer. Let it soak in before moisturizer and makeup. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I think of this oil. If y'all try it out let me know how it helps you!


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