Friday, March 18, 2016


Brows, brows, brows... it's all about the brows these days. I haven't done a brow video in forever so I thought it was time for an updated one! Watch the video below to see how I fill in my eyebrows step-by-step!

Products Used

Step 1:
Comb through the brow with a spoulie (brow brush) to tame any crazy brow hairs and see what shape you're going to be working with

Step 2: 
Outline and define the shape of the brow with the pencil. Flick the pencil upward towards the front of the brow to create a "real hair" look

Step 3:
Fill in the brow with powder. Use the lighter shade in the front of the brow, and the darker shade towards the tail

Step 4:
Set the brows with brow gel

Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped you out with your brows!

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