Friday, April 10, 2015

ESQIDO False Lashes Review

Hey guys! Today I have a review of EQIDO False Lashes for you! ESQIDO was kind enough to let me pick out two of their lashes styles to try out, and see what I thought of them!

They are honestly some of the prettiest eyelashes I've ever seen. The quality is amazing and the styles are beautiful. All of the lashes come with a step by step instruction card, which is great for beginners!

They also come in a gorgeous case, with a magnetic lid. I love this, because it makes them easy to store, and... it looks prettier than the average plastic packaging you'd get at the drugstore. (just a bonus!)

The first lash style I  picked out was "Oh So Sweet"
 They're described as:

"The long flowing locks are evenly criss-crossed along the entire band, with the longest strands concentrated in the middle. With this unique overlapping effect, these mink lashes accentuate your eyes for a natural flutter effect. Cute, sexy, flirty, who says you can't have them all?"

 I think these lashes have a pretty, soft dramatic look. I think the fact the lashes are criss-crossed makes them look more realistic and less "fake." To me, personally they don't give a "natural" look, they give a more glam, look. BUT- they still some how look like they could be my natural lashes. If that makes sense! The day I wore these, several people asked me "are you wearing false lashes? They're crazy long, but I can't tell!"

If that's not what your looking for in a pair of lashes, I don't know what is. ;)

Here's some more pictures of the lashes:

Wearing "Oh So Sweet"
(On the left with lashes, on the right without.)

The second style I picked out was "Lashlorette".

These are described as:

    With its unique combination of criss-cross and straight strands, these gorgeous mink lashes offer a balanced yet ultra-sexy look. This irresistible pair is a definite must-have in every girl's collection.

    I haven't had a chance to wear Lashlorette yet. I'm actually saving them for prom! They are similar to "Oh So Sweet" but just a little more dramatic. (thicker and more volume)

    As soon as I wear Lashlorette, you'll definitely see them!

    Overall Thoughts:
    • Easy to apply
    • Adds drama, but natural looking
    • comfortable to wear
    • lightweight
    • soft
    • beautiful criss-cross texture

    Would I Repurchase??

    I'm normally not one to spend a lot of money on false lashes. I think they're something you can get away with using more affordable brands, like Ardell, Revlon and Eyellure. I love all of those lashes and think they are amazing quality. BUT! I will say, with the ESQIDO lashes, I could see a difference in the quality of the texture and details in each lash. They are pricy at $38.00 a set, but I think for a special occasion they are worth it. I'll stick to my 5 dollar drugstore lashes for most of the time, but for events like prom, or a wedding, I'll definitely be ordering some more ESQIDO lashes!!!

    Thank you so much for joining me for this review, and a big thank you to ESIDO for giving me the opportunity to try their lashes and share my honest thoughts with you guys. Let me know what you want to see next, and until next time... stay you (amazing.)


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