Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Esqido BFF False Lashes and New Lash Glue First Impression Review

Hey everyone! I'm so excited for you to see my first impression on ESQIDO's new "Companion" lash glue, as well as their classic "BFF" false lashes. I love Esqido because their lashes are each unique in style, comfortable to wear, and the high quality lash hair ensures they will last many uses. Watch the video to see me apply the lashes with the new glue!


Companion Lash Glue : 10/10
  • easy to use brush applicator
  • not messy
  • dries quickly 
  • dries clear
  • not heavy or sticky feeling
BFF Lashes: 10/10
  • light weight
  • dramatic, but still natural looking
  • feathery

More Pictures:

I hope you all enjoyed my review and I hope you try out ESQIDO too! :)

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