Wednesday, December 2, 2015


red lip is just a classic during the holiday season.. there's just something about bright red lips that screams Christmas. I've tried many red lipsticks, and I love a lot, but I've narrowed it down to my favorites for the holiday season, that will suit a variety of skin tones! Lipstick queen has become my "go to" brand when it comes to lip products! For liners, I love Smashbox. Okay... let's talk about red! 

(Wearing Maybelline Siren Scarlet, mentioned below. *tutorial on the full face look coming soon!)


To create a nice, clean edge you always want to make sure you use a lip liner. I love the Smashbox Always Sharp Liners because they have a self sharpener in the cap and sharpen to a very fine point, making it easy to create a precise line. I think the shades Crimson (blue red) and Ruby (true red)work with a variety of reds. Crimson on the right, Ruby on the left.

 The next few products are my favorite holiday red lipsticks. The star of the show! I'll show you two from Lipstick Queen and also my favorite affordable one from the drugstore!

LIPSTICK QUEEN- Sinner Lipstick in Red- $22

Has equal amounts of blue and yellow to make it stay a true red. This is perfect if you have trouble picking the right tone of red for your skin tone. It looks good on warm or cool toned skin. You can't go wrong! The Sinner line is all matte and 90% pigment, so you will get a nice bold color!

LIPSTICK QUEEN- Sinner Lipstick in Scarlett Red - $22

Scarlett Red is a rich, blue red. If you know you like cool reds, this is the one for you. It will also make your teeth look whiter!


MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Siren in Scarlet - $7.49

These are by far the best matte lipsticks from the drugstore I have found yet . Siren in Scarlet is a bright red that has a balance of warm and cool. Even though it has a super matte finish, it does not look dry or leave my lips feeling chapped. Plus- it's long lasting!


LIPSTICK QUEEN - Cupid's Bow Lip Pencil in Desire - $22

Described  as an "Amorous True Red" this pencil is the perfect option for a long lasting red lip color. 
I choose Cupid's Bow when I need my lip color to last all day! I love that it's a bright true red 
with a matte finish, and it comes with its own sharpener!


I usually buy matte lipsticks, so if I want it glossy I can just add a gloss. But if I want it matte I can keep it matte. For gloss you can use a clear or red gloss. My current favorite red gloss is from the Lipstick Queen 7 Deadly Sins line in the color in Anger. It's a great bright red shade, but it's the formula that I love. It's glossy without being to glossy, and it's not sticky AT ALL.

I hope this post helped you find the perfect red lip color for the holidays! Pair it with a bold makeup look or keep it light with just mascara and some winged liner. Go rock the red lip with confidence! ;)

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