Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Melissa Alatorre Did My Makeup!?

Hey guys! As you may know, if you kept up with my trip to California, I had the amazing opportunity of getting my makeup done by Melissa Alatorre while I was in LA. Melissa is one of my favorite makeup artists and Youtubers, and I actually met her last year while shopping at the NARS boutique without even realizing until later who she was! Crazy right?! I had so much fun meeting her, she was even more sweet and humble in person! And she did an amazing job on my makeup, I absolutely loved everything she did and learned some new techniques. I asked her to create her signature smokey winged out eye, using any colors she wanted. Winging out my shadow shape while making it look seamlessly blending is something I'm working on, but need some practice... She also made my brows so perfectly thick-- which is something she is also known for. Basically her makeup style is mt style- I'm obsessed! Watch the video to see a step by step!

And here's so more pictures of the makeup look!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to go show Melissa some love!

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