Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Link Love!

Hey guys! I was recently catching up on my favorite bloggers and YouTubers and thought "Wow, I wish I could just tell everyone about this video" or "Man, this person is just awesome."

So.. I thought I would do a new post once a week sharing my favorite blogs/videos from that week! I'm going to do a "Sunday Link Love" every Sunday showing posts that really impacted me or just really made me smile. I think it's so important to share the love in the blogging community. There are so many amazing creators out there that deserve to get their message out there. Being a blogger/youtuber myself, I know how much work goes into it. And I'm not even a "professional" haha. Let me know what you're favorites are this week too!

So here we go! My favorite links this week:

1. BreeLovesBeauty's "The Perfect Diet" Video

This video brought tears to my eyes. I'm continually inspired by Cambria's joy and love for the Lord and how she is able to use her story to help others. She is one the most genuine people on YouTube and she does it for all the right reasons. This video is all about finding freedom with food and accepting yourself where you are now because you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

2. Fresh Fit N Healthy

I recently started watching Sarah Grace's videos and fell in love! Her channel is all about health and fitness and finding balance. She promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She has overcome an eating disorder and used to be a D1 runner. Her videos are so well made, informative and helpful. Here's some of my favorites:

3.  Healthy Jaime's New Vlog!!

One of my closest Instagram friends, Jaime (@healthyjaime) just uploaded her first vlog and re-vamped her tumblr blog! I'm so happy she did! She is the cutest! I know y'all will enjoy her bubbly personality and her adorable puppy Flex! :D

4.  Top 10 Ben and Jerry's Flavors from Julia at LordStillLovesMe

I absolutley ADORE Julia, first of all. She is one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to eating disorder recovery and how she has used her talent of writing through her blog. She made the hashtag #LordStillLovesIceCream a major trend on Instagram and is known for her love of Ben & Jerry's.  I loved getting some new ideas of flavors to try out from this fun post! Check out her blog for ED Recovery posts, ice cream reviews, book recommendations, Link Loves, and just daily life thoughts! You'll love her!

5. Gymcessities from Megan Morat

Love me some Meg! (@megmo7 on Instagram) I loved seeing her gym must haves and she also shared some awesome discount codes! You should definitely check out her blog and follow her on Instagram for a laugh and smile on the daily. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite links from this week! I love sharing the people that inspire ME with YOU! :)

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  1. We are literally subscribed to the same people! I LOVED all of these videos too!