Friday, January 8, 2016

One Step Secret to the "Lit From Within Glow"

Want to know my one step secret to get the "lit from within glow"? Yes I said it- just one step, one product! The secret to getting that look of dewy skin from within is a liquid illuminator underneath your foundation. This will create an allover dewy finish to the skin, instead of the normal highlighting on just certain areas of the face. You can also mix the illuminator into your foundation, to create a dewy finish. I like both techniques, but today I'm applying it underneath. This is a trick I use when my skin is looking dry and dull or just any time I want to look extra dewy. My favorite liquid illuminator to achieve this look is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecters. They have such a pretty glow, they really create an authentic dewy look. No wonder they call it the #beccaglow! They have several beautiful shades, so you can find one that is best for your skin tone. Today I'll be using the shade Opal. Keep reading to see how to achieve this look step-by-step. (really it's one step, the illuminator, just broken down for more explanation! haha)

Step 1: Apply the liquid illuminator on the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and high points of the face using a flat foundation brush or fingertips. If you have any breakout areas, like I do right now, just avoid those areas. We don't want to highlight a breakout by applying a shimmery product there!

Step 2: Blend out with fingertips.

You can already see the shine (good shine) that added to my skin and instantly made my face look more glowy!

 Step 3: Apply foundation/concealer as usual. Apply the rest of your makeup- blush, bronzer, eyes and lips. You can add a little more of the liquid illuminator as a highlight on the tops of cheekbones and highpoint of the face, or use a powder highlight. Up to you! But if you really want to keep the dewy glow, don't set your foundation with a powder all over. Only set the t-zone if your prone to get oily.

And that's it! Creating the "lit from within glow" is super easy! People think my skin has a natural glow... or is it just Opal?! ;)

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